Saudi establishes private company in Japan to serve Arab Communities

Saudi citizen inaugurates a private company in Japan concerned with providing services to Arab communities, in which Saudization system is applied.

A Saudi young man founded a company in Japan, in which he applied the Saudization system; by depending on 50% of the employees of the Saudi youth who are studying in Tokyo.

The company is owned by young Abdul-Aziz Al-Freih, who holds a BA in Japanese language and is seeking a master’s degree in technology management. He is interested in providing services to the Arab communities in Japan, in addition to many services offered to Saudi scholarship holders.

Al-Freih said, in statements to Al-Arabiya TV, that he relied on the implementation of the Saudization system, in which Saudis represent 50% of the company’s employees.

Al-Frieh pointed out that the Saudis’ motivation and enthusiasm to work and innovate is much greater than that of their Japanese colleagues, who spend longer hours, nonetheless.

“I believe that my company will one day be a link between the Japanese culture and Saudi Arabian culture and then the Gulf culture, thanks to the work and enthusiasm of the Saudis who work with me.” Al-Frieh said.