Saudi education ministry defies pandemic, completes 2nd semester

The Ministry of Education has defied the exceptional circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and completed the second semester using various platforms that provide a wide range of content.

Six educational platforms were used to complete the second semester during the COVID-19 lockdown, benefiting millions of students across all school levels.

Future Gate, one of the ministry’s first platforms, recorded 20 million visits as more than 700,000 intermediate- and secondary-level students completed over 1 million assignments and 430,000 exams prepared by 64,000 teachers.

More than 4,000 live-broadcast satellite channels were available to students, with 61 million views so far.

Ein TV, another one of the ministry’s educational platforms launched on YouTube, provided more than 54,000 teaching sessions.

Its sister platform, iEn National Education Portal, included over 45,000 educational subjects and more than 2,000 digital textbooks.

The Unified Education System ( attracted more than 52 million visits, benefiting more than 1 million students and 200,000 teachers. The platform provided more than 330,000 exams and 970,000 assignments.

The ministry said the platforms will continue throughout the summer vacation, and will include educational curricula and science competitions.