Saudi Customs Postpone Duties’ Collection, for 30 Days, Incentive to Private Sector

Saudi Customs postponed collecting duty fees on importing clients for a period of (30) days, starting from March 24, 2020, and the delay period may exceed (30) days, for the most affected activities, with furthermore duration of this initiative up to another three months, in the context of great efforts made by the Kingdom to reduce financial and economic impact on the private sector, within the measures taken to tackle the new Coronavirus pandemic.

Saudi Customs indicated that importers will be able to benefit from this support by providing bank guarantees until the fees due are paid after 30 days of the clearance process, as this initiative will provide liquidity to companies to enable them to benefit from the duty fees exempt, during the delay period, adding that there are more than one thousand importing companies, in their data for 2019, which are entitled to benefit from this support.

On the other hand, the Saudi customs pointed out that its land, air and sea ports will continue to work to end customs procedures for incoming shipments and ensuring the continuity of their flow, contributing to providing consumers with all types of commodities.