Saudi Chambers council is umbrella of business sector and chambers of commerce in the Kingdom

Saudi Chambers council is umbrella of business sector and chambers of commerce in the Kingdom

The Council of Saudi Chambers is considered the umbrella of the Saudi business sector and the chambers of commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, works to represent their interests locally and internally, achieves their goals and serves the Saudi economy.

The Council takes care of the common interests of the 28 chambers of commerce and industry in the Kingdom, and is concerned with their representation at local and external levels, and works to develop the roles of the private sector in the national economy.

During the year 2019, the Council achieved many accomplishments in leading the institutional work of the business sector, which enhances its contributions to the implementation of the goals and programs of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 .

The Council provided its services in 2019 to more than 1500 business owners directly, as it signed more than 16 agreements while the number of memberships of the Council of Saudi Chambers locally reached 34 memberships and regionally and internationally reached 24 memberships, and the number of agreements that the Council contributed in their conclusion and coordination internationally in support of inter-investments with friendly and sisterly countries 23 agreements, while the number of studies prepared by the Council through the committees and business councils reached 37 studies.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council of Saudi Chambers, Ajlan bin Abdulaziz Al-Ajlan, pointed out that the growth of the private sector increased by 2.9% during the year 2019 AD and its contribution to the gross domestic product by 46.2% in the third quarter of 2019, which translates the achievements of the Saudi business sector of the increase in commercial and service activities and the expansion of non-oil investments including a group of economic activities such as wholesale and retail trade, restaurants, hotels, sports, entertainment, mining and quarrying services, real estate activities, construction and building, which achieved high growth in various proportions that contributed to the expansion of private sector facilities to reach one million establishments in which approximately 1.6 million Saudis working in commercial and service activities, manufacturing, agricultural production and fisheries as well as many other business areas.