Saudi Authorities relieve Overcrowding in Madinah

Authorities impose preventive measures in Madinah. (SPA)

Madinah region completed implementing various procedures and measures; approved by Madinah Governor Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. This is to end overcrowding among foreign laborers residential areas in the city amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The urgent efforts of the Employment Housing Committee in Madinah resulted in quick solutions to the problem; before the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

They included providing temporary accommodation in hotels in the Markaziya region; this is to last until making alternative arrangements and meeting health requirements.

More so, conducting additional medical tests to ensure that no laborers are infected with the coronavirus. The infected will be provided with necessary medical care in coordination with the Health Affairs Department in the region.

Adopting these measures came after the relevant committee carried out a comprehensive sweep of the residential neighborhoods and verified whether they abide by the regulations approved by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

Besides, inspecting eight hundred houses, accommodating more than 50,000 workers. Through the authorities’ efforts, more than 11,000 workers have been relieved of overcrowding. Some 3,000 workers are now staying in hotels in Markaziya. In addition to preparing housing for 8,000 laborers.

The authorities provided more than 40,000 free meals and 85,000 food baskets at their accommodation, especially in neighborhoods that were under total lockdown. They also offered more than 488,000 free meals before Ramadan and during the holy month.