Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports exceeds SAR17bn

Saudi Arabia's non-oil exports exceeds SAR17bn

Saudi Arabia’s non-oil exports for the month of April 2019 amounted to SAR17.6bn, the Saudi Export Development Authority (SEDA) said on Monday.

SEDA, in a report, showed that almost all the major sectors saw an increase in value during April 2019, compared to the same month last year 2018, except for the automotive sector, which witnessed a slight decline.

SEDA added, in its report, that exports of major non-oil sectors almost saw an increase in April 2019, compared to the previous month (February 2019).

Non-oil merchandise exports to the UAE and Singapore increased in April 2019 compared to the previous month, while the rest of the countries saw a varying decline.

On July 25, SEDA reported that the world imports of toothpaste amounted to SAR14bn in 2017, while the Kingdom’s exports amounted to SAR124mn for the same period.