Saudi Arabia’s Fayfa, land of hanging gardens, offers tourists unique experience

Saudi Arabia’s stunning Fayfa Mountains — rising more than 2,000 meters above sea level and also known; as “The Neighbors of the Moon” — are an ideal tourist destination.
The road to the mountains rises above the clouds; with steep slopes that are a dream for hikers and lovers of adventure.
The mountains’ highest point is Al-Absiyya; which is surrounded by the valleys of Dhamd and Jawra from the north and the west.
From here, visitors can enjoy a beautiful panorama of almost all the mountains in the region, towering over green spaces and farms; as well as the amazing scent of flowers carried on the breeze.
Al-Sima’a is another of the region’s most famous sites, overlooking the neighboring valleys and mountains; and the towns of Jazan; Sabia and Abu Arish, as well as the Jazan Valley Dam and other attractions.

Economic significance

The region enjoys a mild climate all year round, and its inhabitants rely mainly on agriculture as a source of income.
The fertile land is perfect for growing cereals; fruits and aromatic plants and the agricultural terraces on the mountain sides are a magnificent sight. Fayfa is also famous for its coffee. The local farmers follow traditional practices handed down from their ancestors, based on the astrological cycle; using relative location of the sun — and which “house” it is in — to plan the planting and harvesting of their crops.
Their cylindrical mountain homes are unique to this region of Saudi Arabia; and the local inhabitants used to give each house a nickname; of the owners of the house.
Often, these names were related to specific events, or simply a descriptive term.
Fayfa’s residents also have their own unique dialect, which researchers believe originated from ancient literary Arabic.