Saudi Arabia to support Sudan till achieving stability

Saudi Arabia to support Sudan till achieving stability

Adel Al-Jubeir, the current Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said on Saturday that Sudan’s agreement is the first building block for building an economically and security-empowered state.

Al-Jubeir stressed that Saudi Arabia has been and will continue to support everything that guarantees Sudan’s security and stability.

Al-Jubeir also confirmed that Saudi Arabia has been actively involved in supporting efforts to reach an agreement in Sudan.

Al-Jubeir added: “We look forward to the Sudanese work to fortify the partnership agreement and face foreign interference”.

The Sudanese parties in Khartoum formally signed the transitional agreement on Saturday in the presence of international delegations.

The agreement was signed by Ahmad Rabie, representing the forces of freedom and change (the opposition), and Mohammad Hamdan Daglo (Hamidati) representing the Transitional Military Council in the presence of the Prime Minister of Egypt and the President of the African Commission.