Saudi Arabia to Host International Auction for Falcon Breeders Around the World

The Saudi Falcons Club (SFC) is hosting the first-ever International Falcon Breeders Auction (IFBA) within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will take place at the club’s headquarters in Malham, north of Riyadh, from August 05, 2021 to September 05, 2021.

The international auction aims to provide top-tier falcons for falconers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries within the region by introducing the best falcon breeding farms and experiences around the world to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as creating new business opportunities.

The Saudi Falcons Club aims to organize this international auction to be a trust-worthy platform and a one-of-a-kind event for the purpose of evolving the event into an international destination for International Falcon Breeders, as well as opening new areas for investment, connecting all professional falconers, and promoting the sport of falconry locally.

As it is planned that several countries leading in falcon production will engage in the international auction in its first edition, considering that several countries leading in falcon production will participate in the IFBA event, the SFC has designated a full-service venue for the international auction in the SFC exhibition building in Malham, which includes a designated space for companies interested in showcasing their veterinary supplies, tools, and equipment for falconry and training.

Last October, the Saudi Falcons Club organized an auction for locally captured falcons, which was a resounding success, with sales of 102 falcons caught in different regions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exceeding SR 10 million, the auction’s fierce competition between buyers and presence of quality falcons deemed the first-ever locally captured falcon auction a success. A global milestone was set by selling the world’s most valuable “Shaheen” falcon at the auction, which was entrusted to its owner for 650,000 SAR.

For inquiries or participate in the auction, please contact the management of the International Falcon Breeders Auction via the following email: