Saudi Arabia takes part in African Mineral Investment annual Conference (INDABA) in South Africa

Saudi Arabia takes part in African Mineral Investment annual Conference (INDABA) in South Africa

Under the umbrella of “Invest in Saudi Arabia”, the Mining Sector of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources is participating in the annual Investing in African Mining Indaba Conference, held in Cape Town, South Africa, from February 3 to 6.

The Kingdom’s delegation participating in the conference, headed by Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources for Mining Affairs Eng. Khaled bin Saleh Al Mudaifer, includes representatives from several relevant bodies including the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, the General Investment Authority, the National Program for the Development of Industrial Clusters, the Saudi Geological Survey Authority, and Saudi Industrial Development Fund.

Eng. Al Mudaifer will participate as a keynote speaker at the conference, where he reviews the most important strategic plans and development projects for the mining and mineral industries sector and the extent of progress in achieving them according to the Kingdom vision 2030.

The Kingdom also participates in the exhibition accompanying the conference through its pavilion “Invest in Saudi Arabia” with the aim of introducing specialists and those interested in the comprehensive strategy of the mining sector and its initiatives and projects, and the facilities and capabilities implemented by the government to facilitate doing business in Saudi Arabia, for local and international investors in the mining sector in the Kingdom, along with opening communication channels with senior officials and foreign companies to invest in the Kingdom.

The mining field in the Kingdom is considered a field full of investment opportunities, while the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources seeks to promote this concept in the Saudi investment community.

The Kingdom’s attendance at this conference reflects the interest of the wise leadership in the mining sector and facilitating the procedures that contribute to its development, based on its awareness of the huge resources in the Kingdom and the major investment opportunities available there, which strengthens its position as a global destination for mining investment and maximizes the benefit of this sector by attracting foreign investment.