Saudi Arabia starts Special Residency system via online gate ‘saprc’

Saudi Arabia starts Special Residency system via online gate 'saprc'

Saudi Arabia started Sunday receiving the requests from foreigners who asks to join the special residency system through the online gate ‘

“The Special Residency center aim to serve all foreigners who want receive a special stay in Saudi Arabia via online gate ‘saprk‘,” the Saudi Press Agency reported.

“The client can upload all his official papers and he also can pay online,”

The special residency system provides two kinds of stay in Saudi Arabia, the first is Permanent residence once paid for life and the second is the specific accommodation with an annual fees.

Early last May, the Saudi Shura Council approved the special residency system for the foreign rich, wealthy, and businessmen to become an alternative to the sponsorship system applied in most of the Gulf Arab countries.

The special residency system was approved by the Saudi Shura council on May 8th as Saudi Arabia is moving to cancel the sponsorship system at a rapid pace.

The special residency system, approved by 76 members of Saudi Shura Council, also benefits the Saudi economy, eliminate some aspects of commercial concealment, and stimulate business activity, especially as the system requires the financial solvency of the applicant to benefit from the special residency.

The residency program grants the resident many privileges such as accommodation with family, visiting visas for relatives, owning property and vehicles, working in private sector establishments and moving from one to another, freely leaving and returning to Saudi Arabia, using the corridors for Saudis, and practicing trade.

Saudi Arabia has established a center called the special residency center, which is specialized in this kind of accommodation.

The system of special residency is one of the practical solutions to address the problems of commercial concealment as well as huge remittances, where investors and expatriates will be able to systematically and legally keep their money legally.

This will drive them for establishing more investments and settling their financial returns in Saudi Arabia. The special residency will also encourage expatriates who invest their money in the underground economy to shift to the official economy and will contribute to the localization of financial returns instead of remitting them abroad and pay the taxes and fees that they do not pay under the commercial concealment.