Saudi Arabia practice of switching between COVID-19 vaccines is safe and effective, says Ministry of Health

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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health (MoH) confirmed that switching between coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, approved by health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is safe and effective, leading to a greater immune response and contributes to protecting against complications of the virus.

In press remarks, the ministry pointed out that the mechanism of switching between vaccines is developed with different techniques that are not new in the science of vaccine development, recalling that they have been used since 1990.

Regarding the latest COVID-19 situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past 24 hours, MoH announced the registration of 177 confirmed cases and 279 recoveries, adding that the number of active cases reached 2821, including 824 critical cases.

According to official statistics the total number of infections in the Kingdom reached 544,811, while the recovery tally increased to 533,430, said the report.

The ministry also reported eight new deaths, bringing to 8560 the total number of deaths in the Kingdom.

MoH advised everybody to reach the toll-free #937 for consultations and inquiries on health information and services around the clock.