Saudi Arabia participate in UNESCO executive council 210 virtual session

innovation and science can only lead us out of this pandemic, said Princess Haifa Al-Muqrin; Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to UNESCO.

Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Princess Haifa bint Abdulaziz Al Miqren took part in the Paris-based executive council session 210, held virtually.

Experts belonging to the organization from national committees and UNESCO-related authorities also participated.

The agenda of current session focus on finding sustainable solutions to the common challenges in the fields of education, culture and science, particularly amid the current circumstances resulting from coronavirus.

Addressing the meeting, Princess Haifa recalled that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has twice chaired a G20 summit virtually this year, a reference to the country’s firm interest in the importance of multilateral solidarity and international cooperation to reach sustainable and inclusive solutions to the joint challenges.

She recalled that Riyadh communique of the summit which concluded last month has pointed out to the pivotal role of education in the international policy agenda, citing that comprehensive and fair education for all, particularly young girls, remains the base to form a more fair and prosperous future for humanity.

Princess Haifa reviewed the outcomes of the G20 joint meeting of the ministers of culture, the first of its kind in the history of the group, citing the importance of the issues discussed at the elite gathering.