Saudi Arabia Leads G20’s Movements Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Saudi Arabia Leads G20’s Movements Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Saudi Arabia’s obtaining a seat on the Science and Technology Development Committee (CSTD) for the period from 2021-2024 and in the Commission for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPC) for the period from 2021-2023 with support of all members of the United Nations reflected the values, principles, and constants that it enjoyed, as well as its new ideas and visions.

Al-Riyadh newspaper reported that Saudi Arabia is moving in a steady and confident step towards achieving all the objectives of its vision 2030, pointing to its pivotal role at the global level in support of the countries of the world by its war against Coronavirus and reviving the international economy.

Moreover, the G20 is witnessing intense movements led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at all levels in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions on various sectors.

Saudi Arabia has urged the international community to make additional urgent contributions and develop the necessary vaccines as well as pledging to provide half a billion dollars to support scientific research that would lead to vaccine production.

Al-Bilad newspaper also pointed to the statement of the Minister of Finance, who stressed on the importance of raising sustainable readiness through international coordination, and making additional urgent contributions to confront the pandemic and to develop the necessary vaccines.