Saudi Arabia launches global iftar charity projects

More than 16;000 Muslims in Nepal will markedly benefit from 466 Ramadan food baskets distributed by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs; Dawah and Guidance; the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The ministry has launched a similar initiative in Australia; Fiji and the Solomon Islands; where the religious attaché office at the Saudi Embassy will also distribute 300 food baskets and 25;000 iftar meals.

The religious attaché office in Addis Ababa; Ethiopia; will also distribute 2;000 food baskets and 11 tons of dates to more than 15;000 beneficiaries.

In Gabon; the ministry has inaugurated King Salman’s iftar program by distributing food baskets to 300 families.

As part of the iftar program; the religious attaché office at the Kingdom’s Embassy in Jakarta also donated Ramadan food baskets and dates in Indonesia.

The officials also distributed more than 1;750 food baskets; 6;500 breakfast meals; and 15 tons of luxurious dates.

Saudi Arabia has launched iftar programs in 16 countries this Ramadan; with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs; Dawah and Guidance arranging for the initiative in order to reach all continents through coordination with Saudi Arabia’s embassies and Islamic centers.