Saudi Arabia is World Class Pioneer Model in Terms of Communications’ Sector Regulation

In a recent report, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) hailed the impressive and rapid development of the Communications and Information Technology sector, in Saudi Arabia, pointing to the role of the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission as the regulator of the sector.

The Saudi model is a pioneer in transforming regulating the communications and information technology sector, notably among the most mature category (5G), the report stated, the report indicated.

Such a success was achieved against the challenges and overcoming them through a world class mature and ambitious strategy to realize the shift towards a regulator regulatory, the report elaborated.

Saudi Arabia is prioritizing accelerating the sector via the endeavors exerted to materialize sustainable economic diversification as a part and parcel of the Kingdom Vision 2030, with the communications and information technology sector, as a crucial component leading to bring about the flourish and prosperous digitally-administered national economy, the report concluded.