Saudi Arabia implements the fastest rail network in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia implements the fastest rail network in the Middle East

Saudi Arabian Railway company (SAR), commissioned by the Council of Ministers, takes over the project of the fastest rail network in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia (Ajel): The Saudi Council of Ministers has assigned the project of establishing the fastest rail network in the Middle East to Saudi Arabia Railway company (SAR).

Under this assignment, SAR will implement the fastest rail network in the Middle East as being one of the initiatives listed and approved by the National Industries Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP)—a program that aims to transform Saudi Arabia into a leading industrial power and an international logistics platform in a number of promising areas and in a way that will generate ample employment opportunities for Saudi cadres, boost trade balance and maximize local content, with a focus on four key sectors: industry, mining, energy and logistics.

According to Ajel sources, the Council of Ministers directed the company to implement this network, in accordance with the highest international standards; to link the economic activity centers in Saudi Arabia effectively and efficiently through the development of strategic infrastructure for this project.

The Council of Ministers’ decision ensured that the company to maximize returns on assets, including rationalizing the cost of total acquisition, to maximize revenues of the Saudi Railways Organization from various sources to reduce reliance on public funding.

The Council of Ministers also commissioned the company to develop a global model; to provide high-efficiency rail services, and to merge the Saudi Railways Organization and the Saudi Arabian Railway company (SAR) in one system.

The directives of the Council of Ministers stressed the need to deepen and broaden the customer-focused culture by providing good service while applying the best international practices in technology and innovation to improve the performance of this vital sector.