Saudi Arabia continues to support Palestinian refugees

Saudi Arabia continues to support Palestinian refugees

Saudi Arabia donates more than $160mn to UNRWA along 2018

The humanitarian efforts exerted by Saudi Arabia has been always highly lauded worldwide. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (“UNRWA”) commends Saudi Arabia for providing Palestinian refugees with ongoing assistances.

Moreover, the UN agency deems Saudi Arabia as a trusted, permanent, and supportive partner of UNRWA, which provides its help to over five million Palestinian refugees since its inception in 1950. UNRWA’s services to refugees include building schools, health care centers, and distributing food.

Being one of the most important donors to the agency, Saudi Arabia has recently donated $50 million last Dec., to boost the international agency’s budget. In a statement issued on its website, UNRWA announced that this generous and critical donation is unprecedented support presented to the agency by any of its international donors and partners. Saudi Arabia has donated more than $160 million to UNRWA along 2018 to become one of the top donors. That is how it was able to overcome the worst financial crisis, it has passed with a gap of $446 million, especially after the US announced it was cutting support last Aug. To overcome such a crisis, UNRWA has sought support across UN member-states to raise an additional $382 million, reducing the gap to only $64 million. 

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