Saudi Arabia condemns missile attacks on Iraqi city of Irbil

Shattered glass is pictured on the floor of a shop following a rocket attack in Irbil, the capital of the northern Iraqi Kurdish autonomous region, on Feb. 15, 2021. (AFP)

Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the missile attacks on Irbil and its suburbs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq; resulting in the death and injury of several people.

In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi foreign ministry said: “We strongly condemn and denounce the cowardly terrorist attack that target Irbil International Airport; threatening the security and stability of Iraq and the regions as well as the airspace. The attacks undermine the efforts of the international coalition to help Iraq fight terrorism.”

Categorical rejection

“We express our categorical rejection of targeting the security of Iraq, undermining its unity and affecting its territorial integrity; the statement read.

“We also affirm our full solidarity with Iraq and extend our support to all measures and steps it takes as part of its efforts to combat terrorism.

A rocket attack at a US-led military base in Kurdish northern Iraq on Monday killed a civilian contractor and wounded five other people including a US service member, the US coalition in Iraq said.

It is also believed to be the deadliest attack to hit US-led forces for almost a year in Iraq.

A coalition spokesman said on Twitter the attack hit coalition forces in the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil, and that more details would follow.

Kurdish security sources said at least three rockets landed near Irbil International Airport in the autonomous region late at night.

Arab reactions

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates also joined the condemnation.

The Bahraini foreign ministry extended its sincere condolences to the families of the victims; and to the Iraqi government and people. He also wished speedy recovery for the injured in the cowardly act of terrorism.

The ministry reiterated Bahrain’s solidarity with Iraq in its efforts to establish security and stability on its territories. It also stressed the need for the international community to take a firm stance against these terrorist acts and their perpetrators.

The UAE foreign ministry said in a statement that the country expresses its strong condemnation of these criminal acts. Besides, its permanent rejection of all forms of violence and terrorism aimed at destabilizing security and stability.

These attacks are inconsistent with religious and humanitarian values and principles, the statement added.

The UAE ministry expressed its sincere condolences to the families and relatives of the victims; as a result of this heinous crime, and its wishes for a speedy recovery for all the injured.