Saudi Arabia Completes Security Preparations for Hajj

Hajj security forces announce that preparations to hold the annual pilgrimage have been completed. (SPA)

Security agencies in Saudi Arabia announced that they have completed their preparation to hold the holy Hajj pilgrimage.

They announced that Makkah will be cordoned off; whereby only workers and people with special permits can enter the holy city.

Commander of Hajj Security, Zayed al-Tuyan said that the low number of pilgrims this year will not alter security plans and precautions that the forces prepare every year.

The low number will not lead to any leniency in implementing security plans, he stressed.

This year’s Hajj will be with some 1,000 pilgrims due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Only Saudis and foreign residents of the Kingdom will enter to perform the rituals.

Tuyan also stressed that security forces will ensure implementing preventive measures for the safety of the pilgrims and organizers of the Hajj.

Only people with a permit issued from concerned parties can enter Makkah during the Hajj period, he also added. A security cordon at the sites will surround the pilgrims in order to protect them.

Violators will also pay a fine of SAR10,000, and will pay a double of which for repeat offenders.