Saudi Arabia a key player in maritime transport sector

Saudi Arabia a key player in maritime transport sector

Saudi Arabia has managed to reach a leading status in the maritime transport industry and in preserving the integrity of its marine environment. During its participation with the world in celebrating the World Maritime Day, which falls on the 30th of September, Saudi Arabia shed light on its role in supporting international efforts to advance the maritime transport system.

This includes ships, shipping, ports, and the human factor that generally operates the marine transport services and plays an important role in supporting the economy and providing job opportunities in this sector.

The Kingdom has an advanced position in the maritime transport industry. Being one of the world’s developed countries at the maritime level, Saudi Arabia plays a prominent role in developing this sector. With the unlimited support by the Saudi leadership for the transport industry in general and the maritime transport in particular, the Kingdom is ranked 20th globally in the maritime transport industry among the 174-member states of the organization.

The Kingdom had a jump in the tonnage of its marine fleet, which includes 368 tankers and ships, reaching 13.5 million tons.

Giant maritime fleet

Saudi Arabia’s giant maritime fleet plays a pivotal role in the maritime transport industry; upon which 90% of the global trade is based. This consolidates the Kingdom’s position and leadership at the international level and confirms its sincere desire to be a global logistics center in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The Kingdom focuses on sustainable marine development, as it organizes various international conventions and treaties regulating this industry; not to mention its strategic location linking three continents. Moreover, Saudi Arabia surrounded by vast coasts; the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea, through which 13% of the global trade in this giant industry passes.

The Kingdom adopts the best ways to achieve sustainability in the maritime transport industry; due to maritime transport being of great importance as a critical artery for the global trade movement.

Saudi Arabia also maintains the seas and oceans free of pollution, provides specialized maritime education and training; and exerts efforts in empowering women to work in the sector and facilitating maritime traffic.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia strengthens its partnerships with the member states of the organization; by contributing to the achievement of the United Nations sustainable development plan; enhancing maritime security and safety; protecting the marine environment, and reducing marine pollution.

The Kingdom maintains a distinguished position. It also continues to work in order to become a distinguished model in this vital industry; as achieving the objectives of the national strategy for transport and logistics requires the integration of and harmonization; between the public and private sectors.

The integration and harmonization achieved through the activation of the existing and future plans and projects. Besides, benefiting from the huge investment opportunities that attract local and international investments. Consequently, this would reflect in the diversification of the national economy and raising the local content.