Saudi Arabai participate in “Eager Lion 2019” Drill in Jordan

Saudi Arabai participate in "Eager Lion 2019" Drill in Jordan

Saudi Arabia have finished their participation in the “Eager Lion 2019” military exercise on Friday  in the presence of the commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, and the participation of heads of delegations participating in the exercise from (30) countries in addition to (8000) participants.

Saudi Armed Forces’ various branches (land, air, navy and air defense), participated with active forces and planned officers in the commanding of the drill.

The participation of the Saudi armed forces was an effective, influential and distinguished participation in the exercise with the recognition of that by the drills command due to the good training, development and advanced qualification of officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers.

Commander of the Saudi forces participating in the exercise Brig. Gen. Jaafar bin Hadi Al-Qahtani said that the exercise accomplished many objectives, including developing the participants’ ability to plan and execute joint operations, and exchange experiences between the Saudi armed forces and their counterparts in other forces.