Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon: We evacuated 2088 Saudis

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon We evacuated 2088 Saudis

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Bukhari has confirmed that the number of Saudis departing Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport has reached 2,088 since the protests began.

On Friday, the Saudi embassy in Beirut warned Saudi nationals not to be present at demonstrations.

The Saudi embassy in Beirut also issued an alert through its official Twitter account saying: “Given the current security situation in Lebanon, and in the interest of the safety of Saudi citizens, the Saudi Embassy in Beirut would like all Saudi residents and visitors to take precaution and stay away from the places of demonstrations and protests”.

In the same vein, the Saudi Foreign Ministry called on its citizens in Lebanon to exercise utmost care and warned the Saudis not to travel to Lebanon for their safety.

The Saudi embassy has made great efforts to ensure the safety of its citizens since the outbreak of the demonstrations.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry also warned citizens against traveling to Lebanon, whether from the Kingdom or any other international body.