Riyadh police arrest gang for illegally transferring SR500 million

The Riyadh police have busted a gang of eight people for illegally transferring a huge amount of money through irregular modes before leading to their eventual arrest, assistant media spokesperson of Riyadh police Maj. Khaled Al-Kreidis stated on Thursday.

Those arrested include five Sudanese nationals and three citizens. The gang has been charged of transferring over SR500 million in the current fiscal through illegal means.

The five Sudanese nationals used irregular channels to transfer money outside the Kingdom and they were assisted by the three citizens, who covered up for them and enabled them to carry out the transfer operations through bank accounts of individual establishments registered in their names in exchange for financial commissions.

The sums of money that were transferred during 2020 exceeded five hundred million riyals. Police also found in their possession another huge amount of money, which they could not source. They held an amount of nearly two million riyals.

All of them were arrested and legal measures have been taken to refer them to the Public Prosecution.