Regional parties try to use killing case of Saudi Arabia’s Khashoggi for political gains against the kingdom

Regional parties try to use killing case of Saudi Arabia’s Khashoggi for political gains against the kingdom

After the killing of Saudi Arabian citizen Jamal Khashoggi in the kingdom’s embassy in Turkey some countries and regional parties’ foes to the Kingdom have used all their tools to achieve political gains from this case.

These parties have approved their intension throughout their statements after the case as it is clear that the last thing they look forward to is fair justice in this case.

Those who seek justice in the case of Khashoggi should submit all proofs and evidence they have to the Public Prosecution and wait for the final verdict of judiciary that has held 8 hearings in the case thus far.

Saudi Arabia had taken the requisite steps to bring the perpetrators of that crime to justice, in accordance with the laws in force in its territory, after they violated, by their act, all the regulations and the powers vested in them.

King Salman ordered an investigation into the case that resulted in the arrest of a number of suspects. Eleven individuals who were charged by the public prosecutor are on trial.

Moreover, The Kingdom has taken necessary measures after the incident as they included a regulatory process of restructuring the General Intelligence Presidency, as well as relieving from their positions a number of officials named during the investigation, so that the Public Prosecution can investigate them and record their statements.

The Saudi judiciary works according to six systems: Multiple judges’ system, consensus sentence, Judge deputies, specialized courts, verdict appealing to a higher court and court of cassation established 59 years ago.

Saudi Arabia enforced the law and began to try the accused in the presence of representatives of five permanent members of the Security Council that was attended by a representative of Turkey, in addition to those of Saudi human rights organisations.

The defendants admitted during their trial that they killed Khashoggi, hereby the Public Prosecutor requested the death penalty for five of the accused.

Despite the previous measures taken by the kingdom, those countries and parties who are against the kingdom are still trying to use this case to achieve political gains