Public Prosecution: Up to 15 years in jail; SR1 million in fine for facilitating entry of infiltrators

The Public Prosecution has warned that hefty penalties including jail and fines will take an award to those who facilitate entry of any infiltrators into the Kingdom. The penalties included maximum jail term of 15 years and fine up to SR1 million.

The Public Prosecution said that the violations also include facilitating the entry of infiltrators into Saudi Arabia; providing them transportation; shelter or any kinds of assistance or services.

The jail term will be for a period of no less than five years and not more than 15 years.

The penalties also include confiscation of the means of transportation and the residence that was specially ready to shelter the infiltrator or used for this purpose only.

If the means of transportation or residence belongs to others; the violator will additionally take a fine of up to SR1 million.

If the violator who provided transportation or accommodation for the infiltrator is a man of good faith and the crime happened out of his gross negligence; then the maximum fine will be SR500;000.

The court ruling against the violator will be viral; in the media at the expense of the convicted person and this will be after issuance of the final verdict.

The Public Prosecution also confirmed that the aforementioned criminal offenses are major crimes requiring arrest; and crimes against honor and trust.

The Public Prosecution would undertake the investigation and prosecution of the aforementioned crimes in accordance; with the provisions of a royal decree issued on March 11 this year; it said in a statement.