Prince Sultan bin Salman holds a Meeting of Board of Directors of Muwakabah Investment Company

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Children with Disability Association (CDA), chaired the second meeting of the board of directors of Muwakabah Investment Company, which the association has recently established to administrate CDA’s endowments and assets and contribute to developing the association’s financial resources.

During the meeting, which was held virtually and attended by members of the board, Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz said that the expansion of specialized services and programs that the association offers to its beneficiaries with high quality according to the best international standards requires establishing a company that acts as a charity investment arm to play a key role in increasing the efficiency of investment in assets and endowments owned by the association, which, consequently, helps sustain its resources and develop the impact of donations and charity support.

Prince Sultan bin Salman noted that the association adopts a new approach in developing the resources of charity work and good governance of its investment practices, which is the model that the association offers as an extension of its expertise that dates back to more than 40 years, as part of its endeavors to maintain the level of its services with efficiency and continue offering services through 11 centers spread across various cities and regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

CEO of Muwakabah Investment Company Dr. Ahmad bin Abdulaziz Al-Tamimi pointed out that Prince Sultan bin Salman reviewed, during the meeting, a report on the founding committee work over the past period, where he expressed thanks and appreciation to board members.