Over 60k varsity students benefit from e-learning in KSA’s Abha

 Over 60,000 students attended different online programs in various disciplines during the first semester of the academic year at the King Khalid University (KKU), Abha.
Dr. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al-Sulami, president of the university, praised the support of the Education Ministry in the smooth transition from traditional to online method of learning in the wake of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.
He said KKU’s e-learning model is very reliable and developed according to the international standard.
Dr. Saad bin Muhammad bin Dajam, vice president of educational and academic affairs, said the deanship of e-learning made great efforts in cooperation with the affiliated colleges and government departments to ensure the success of the transition to online learning.
During the first semester, KKU also organized 27 online seminars, which were attended by 11,498 people. It conducted 9,652 oral exams via Tamkeen channel to ensure continuity of the educational process in the Kingdom.
The Kingdom already has an advanced integrated online education system in many of its universities.
Integrated and remote education was one of the proposed plans before the spread of the coronavirus. The emergency events helped with its implementation despite the fact that some peripheral regions do not have the necessary components of a fast and effective communication.