No Exceptions in Fight against Corruption, Saudi Arabia

No Exceptions in Fight against Corruption, Saudi Arabia

As part of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to fight corruption, two military commanders; including a senior officer from the royal family, lost their positions in two royal orders only one week apart.

This also accelerated campaign confirms the great reform path adopted in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is seeking to put an end to corruption and to enhance integrity and transparency. This is through concerted efforts by the different authorities; in coordination with the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority.

Saudi Arabia’s major war on corruption toppled many officials; whether in the economic or administrative sectors. It referred them to the competent investigation and prosecution authorities.

On Monday, King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued a royal decree to send Lieutenant General Fahd bin Turki bin Abdulaziz, commander of the joint forces in the Ministry of Defense, to retirement. In addition to dismissing his son Prince Abdulaziz, deputy-governor of Al-Jawf region, from his position. The two officials are under investigation, along with a number of officers and civil servants.

The decision was based on a referral from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman regarding “suspicious financial dealings monitored at the Ministry of Defense,” according to the royal decree.

The country’s anti-corruption authority Nazaha had disclosed a case of financial corruption at the ministry, the decree also added.

Rapid pace

The Kingdom is moving at a rapid pace to eradicate corruption, reform state institutions and increase their efficiency.

Mazen Al-Kahmous, president of Nazaha, following his appointment in August 2019, said that he received directives to focus on eliminating bureaucracy in the Kingdom, and to do a monthly follow-up with the Crown Prince.

“After the country got rid of a large percentage of the big corrupt heads, I convey a stern warning from the Crown Prince, as he told me that the next stage would be to eradicate corruption among other government employees,” he also said in media remarks.