Saudi-Jordanian relations: A history of growing cooperation in all fields

Saudi-Jordanian relations: A history of growing cooperation in all fields
Saudi-Jordanian relations: A history of growing cooperation in all fields

The Saudi-Jordanian relations are a model for joint Arab action, which reflects the state of permanent coordination and consultation between the two brotherly countries, and the unity of the position towards various Arab, regional and global issues.

The visit of Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister, to Jordan next week, reflects the depth of relations between the two countries.

The distinguished Saudi-Jordanian relations were not born today, but they are deep, solid and stable since the beginning of history. The relations that link the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have taken a distinguished and solid path between the two leaderships and the two governments, which resulted in a permanent harmony between the common interests of the two sister kingdoms.

The fruitful cooperation reflects that the Kingdom did not hesitate to open its doors to distinguished Jordanian competencies, including doctors, teachers, economists and businessmen.

The contributions of the Saudi Fund for Development in supporting many projects in Jordan had a great impact.

The two countries always strive to establish a complementary economic relationship, in light of the distinguished relations that bring the two countries together at various political and economic levels and geographical proximity.

Saudi Arabia is one of the first three countries in the volume of investments made in Jordan, reaching 12 billion dollars distributed over the sectors of transportation, infrastructure, energy, financial and commercial sectors, and tourism construction, in addition to being one of Jordan's largest trading partners, where trade exchanges between the two countries reached 4.2 billion dollars. .

Within the framework of joint cooperation, the Kingdom has facilitated the transit of Jordanian goods and passengers to and from the Arab Gulf states through the territory of the Kingdom, which will have positive effects on Jordanian exports.

Saudi Arabia is also one of Jordan's most prominent trading partners and the first partner in terms of Jordanian relations with Arab countries, as about 11 percent of the Kingdom's exports go to the Saudi market.

Bilateral cooperation between Jordan and Saudi Arabia does not stop at the economic sector only, but has extended to all fields.

There is a Jordanian-Saudi Coordination Council, which was established in 2016, and is responsible for supervising the preparation of agreements, memoranda of understanding and executive programs between the two countries, and following up on their implementation in various fields and what the two sides agree upon during the meetings of the Council.

There is also the Jordanian-Saudi Business Council, an independent private body based in Amman, that seeks to devote expertise to support the private sector and its activities, to develop Jordanian-Saudi economic relations.

This is in addition to the Parliamentary Friendship Committee, which aims to enhance joint parliamentary work between the two countries through continuous communication between the two sides, and includes 9 members.

There is also a Brotherhood Committee of Notables, which performs the same work as the Parliamentary Brotherhood Committee through continuous communication between the two sides, and it includes 15 members.

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