Nazaha reveals details of 13 corruption cases

Nazaha reveals details of 13 corruption cases
Nazaha reveals details of 13 corruption cases

Saudi Arabia’s Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) revealed on Saturday in a statement the details of its handling of 13 corruption cases.

The authority pointed out that it had initiated a number of criminal cases during the last period, stressing that it is taking legal measures against the accused.

Nazaha clarified in its report on the details of the cases, the most prominent cases were:

1 - In Nazaha' first case, it has arrested in cooperation with one of the Authority's international counterparts, a resident who works in a local company was receiving money transfers totaling SR1,296,061 to his bank accounts outside the kingdom (in Switzerland) from a manager of a foreign company, in exchange for signing a subcontract with the foreign company to execute a project with one of the universities.

2 - Meanwhile, Nazaha has arrested on the second case 5 employees working in the Ministry of Health in one of the regions for stealing SR9,263,900, which represent salaries and end of service benefits for foreign employees whose contracts have expired and have left the Kingdom.

3 - On the third case the authority confirmed that it has arrested a retired Pilot Major General from the Royal Saudi Air Force at the Ministry of Defense for receiving SR9,000,000 in installments and a luxury vehicle estimated at market value of SR 500,000 from a resident working in a contracting company with the base.

Nazaha stated that the Pilot received the amounts and the vehicle from the resident in exchange for facilitating procedures for illegally disbursing the company's financial dues and forcing some of the Air Force employees to deposit money of the Ministry’s rented buildings to his own bank accounts and steal it.

4 - In the fourth case, a retired non-commissioned officer from the Ministry of Defense was arrested for receiving 945,000 SR in installments from a commercial entity using the bank accounts of a citizen (also arrested), in exchange for illegally approving the commercial entity's offer to supply one of the Ministry’s sectors.

5 - The fifth case came in the authority's statement was arresting a resident (mediator) working as a consulting engineer in a municipality of one of the regions for being caught in the act of receiving SR520,000.

Nazaha stated that the resident received the amounts in exchange for approving a commercial entity's contract of SR1,000,000 worth of projects without implementing them on the ground, as it turned out through investigations that SR500,000 of the total amount was requested by the Head of the municipality (also arrested).

6 - While the sixth case were arresting an officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the General Directorate of Civil Defense in one of the regions for receiving SR509,000 in installments from 2 residents working in a commercial entity, in exchange for illegally awarding repair and maintenance tenders of equipment and vehicles to the commercial entity.

7 - The seventh arrest was for 2 residents working in a quality inspection laboratory that belongs to a private company for receiving SR128,000 from the owner of a customs clearance office (also arrested), in exchange for tampering with the results of the samples of imported goods and finalizing the procedures for their illegal entry into the Kingdom through a seaport.

8 - The eighth case: Nazaha stated that it has arrested a university employee for stealing SR103,827 which is the value of compensation for foreign students’ tickets at the university.

9 - While the ninth case was for an employee working in a municipality of one of the regions was arrested due to large financial transactions in his bank accounts inside and outside the Kingdom; in addition, to owning real estate that is not commensurate with his income.

With Nazaha' further investigation, it was proven that their sources were from illegally finalizing paperwork and acquiring an engineering consultancy company through which the projects are approved, and building permits are unlawfully issued.

10 - Nazaha has arrested on its tenth case 2 security officers working at the General Directorate of Passports at a land port for receiving SR65,000, in exchange for illegally letting people enter the kingdom.

11 - Nazaha arrested on its eleventh case, 3 security officers working in the General Directorate of Prisons for receiving sums of money in exchange for smuggling contraband to the inmates.

12 - The twelfth case went to an engineer working in the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones in one of the regions, was arrested for receiving SR 70,000 SR from the owner of a commercial entity mediated by 2 residents (arrested).

Nazaha clarified that one of the residents works in an engineering consultancy office, and the other in a general contracting company, in exchange for illegally approving licenses and site plans.

13 - While Nazaha in the thirteenth case, has arrested an employee working in the Ministry of Justice in one of the regions for receiving SR200,000 from a female resident in exchange for claiming and promising her to issue a verdict of innocence for her son.

Nazaha confirmed on the continuation to pursue anyone who exploits the public office to achieve personal gain or harm public interest in any way, and that the accountability extends far beyond the retirement of individuals, as these types of crimes have no statute of limitations. As it warned that it will continue to apply the law, with zero-tolerance against any corrupt practices.

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