19 international students take part in AI Summit via knowledge exchange initiative

19 international students take part in AI Summit via knowledge exchange initiative
19 international students take part in AI Summit via knowledge exchange initiative

A group of AI graduate students in several prestigious international universities concluded their participation in the second edition of the Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence, which concluded Friday in Riyadh and visited Masmak Palace to be briefed on the history of the capital. The students represented six countries joined by several Saudi scholarship students in the same specialization. Their participation came within the knowledge exchange initiative launched by SDAIA.

SDAIA hosted 19 male and female students of different nationalities including the US, the UK, India, Jordan, Algeria, South Korea, and Nigeria, who study at prestigious international universities and institutes. These institutions include, the Sorbonne University in Paris, Oxford University, University College London, Durham University, Nottingham University, Sussex University in the UK, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA, and King’s College London.

Through this initiative, SDAIA aimed to attract global capabilities in artificial intelligence and to enhance the role of distinguished youth based on the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and its aspirations to enable them to lead the future of artificial intelligence in the Kingdom, the region, and the world. Over the three days of the summit, the students attended and participated in various activities of the summit agenda, including sessions, workshops, and dialogue meetings, and reviewed the experiences of the exhibition accompanying the summit, such as the artificial intelligence beacon.

They also visited Princess Noura University and learned about the holdings of the Central Academic Library, and witnessed the experience of the "robot arm" that processes book-borrowing requests in the university library. The delegation also visited the heritage manuscripts hall in the library. Within the framework of the open dialogues adopted by the initiative, a friendly meeting was held between the students of artificial intelligence, in which they discussed work in the field of data, artificial intelligence, and future opportunities and attended a medical surgery simulation.

The students also visited the SDAIA’s National Center for Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) and had a dialogue with the center’s researchers about their work and future areas of cooperation. On the third day of the summit, the delegation attended various sessions and learned about the experiences of the artificial intelligence laboratory at Al-Faisal University and the students’ projects in this field.

Their visit program concluded with a visit to Al-Masmak Palace, during which they learned about the historical value of the palace as an archaeological and historical Saudi landmark located in the heart of the capital, Riyadh. On this occasion, Al-Ghamdi explained that the knowledge exchange initiative was designed to achieve several benefits, including engaging visiting students in knowledge exchange dialogues to explore opportunities for future cooperation.

He introduced them to the Kingdom’s efforts in pioneering the data and artificial intelligence and the future of the sector during a journey that Saudi students will lead with their peers from international universities. He stressed that SDAIA aims through the initiative to build qualitative partnerships that support its efforts in data and artificial intelligence and help attract global capabilities that achieve qualitative addition to the Kingdom.

He added that the initiative contributes to activating the distinguished role of Saudi youth and engaging them in a real dialogue that develops their leadership spirit and shows their knowledge capabilities. Al-Ghamdi said that this would enhance the Kingdom’s position in data and artificial intelligence, noting that the initiative provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge and explore opportunities for future cooperation through a constructive dialogue that brings together Saudi youth and foreign graduate students.

He underscored the fact that the knowledge exchange initiative plays an important role in highlighting the civilizational dimension of the Kingdom. He added, it enables students to demonstrate the civilizational models and history of the Kingdom and the extent to which these aspects of civilization and the Kingdom's development efforts are shown in various fields, including data and artificial intelligence.

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