Nazaha probes 374 people for graft

The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) has dealt with 227 criminal cases, have arrested and investigated 374 citizens and residents, and have referred them to the competent court to take legal action against them, according to an official source.

Information was provided while carrying out the investigation procedures by the Authority, indicating that there is a suspicion of corruption, illicit gain, and exploitation of the influence of the public office, by a number of employees of the municipalities of one of the governorates of the Riyadh region

Five employees, whose bank accounts were inflated, fell into the Nazaha net. They were an employee in the 14th grade (who works as a municipality undersecretary and worked previously as a the head of that municipality), an employee in the 10th grade (who works as a procurement and contracts manager), as well as an employee in the 8th grade (who works in the procurement department) and the another employee in the 9th grade (who works in the financial affairs department).

Probe measurements

Search warrants were granted from the competent authorities, and their houses were searched and cash sums totaling SR45,960,900 were found, and 360,000 in value of various foreign currencies; and SR2.500,000 worth of (prepaid cards) for shopping from a food store; and a SR149.225 prepaid petrol cards, 5 gold ingots, and 6 weapons (pistols) were found.

List of accused

The first accused admitted to the crimes of exploiting the influence of public office for the purpose of illicit financial gain, forgery, embezzlement of public money by abusing municipal resources; ;bribery, and exploiting government contracts for his own personal benefit; and money laundering.

The total sums collected were SR20,000,000, which was used to purchase real estate and luxury vehicles; in addition to an amount of SR1,545,000 in cash that was found in his home. Completion of legal procedures is under way in order to refer them to the judiciary.

The second accused admitted to bribery, forgery and exploiting the influence of the public office for the purpose of illicit financial gain and exploitation of government contracts for his personal interests and embezzlement of public funds; through the exploitation of municipal resources and money laundering; by using these sums in the purchase of real estates and luxury vehicles, as well as an amount of SR35,150,700 in cash that was found in his home; of which SR4,500,000 belonged to the first.

The third accused admitted to bribery; forgery and exploitation of the influence of the public office for the purpose of illicit gain by facilitating the first and second in obtaining contracts for institutions belonging to their acquaintances; and the exploitation of municipal resources; and money laundering; by using these sums in the purchase of real estate; and luxury vehicles. In addition there was an amount of SR5,496,500 in his home.

The fourth accused admitted to bribery and exploitation of the influence of the public office with the purpose of illicit financial gain by facilitating to the first and second of exploiting municipal resources for their own benefit, and money laundering; by using theses sums in the purchase of real estate and luxury vehicles; as well as an amount of SR1,718,700 in cash was found in his home.

The fifth accused admitted to bribery, embezzlement of public funds and money laundering by exploiting his relationship with his relative (the second accused), who contracted with him to work in the municipality on a monthly salary of SR7,000, without working; and handing him cash sums totaling to SR20,000,000 for the purpose of buying a luxury vehicle and investing the rest in property; where 30 lands were purchased in the name of the fifth accused, part of it was developed, built and sold, and this resulted in an amount of SR6,000,000 of which an amount of SR4,000,00 was available in his bank account, and an amount of SR2,050,000 was found in his home.

Appreciation letter

The President of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority Mazen Bin Ibrahim Al-Kahmous received; recently a letter of appreciation from the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

The appreciation letter, the official source said; was addressed to the Authority’s employees

It read as follow: “May Allah be pleased with you. I thank each one of the Authority’s employees. They act nowadays; as the knights of this fierce fight against corruption, in order to eventually eradicate it from our dear country.”

Al-Kahmous affirmed that this letter is a source of pride and appreciation for the unlimited support the leadership provides to the Authority; in order to carry out its jurisdiction and perform its tasks in fighting financial and administrative corruption in all its manifestations and forms.

He also affirmed on the continuation to pursue anyone who exploits the public office to achieve personal gain or harm the public interest in any way possible; and that the Authority is continuing to hold the negligent parties accountable and apply the law against them.

The Authority also appreciated the efforts of government entities in fighting financial and administrative corruption; and the development of policies and procedures that promotes speedy achievements; and that shuts any inlets for corruption.

It commended the cooperation of everyone from the public or entities in reporting through its available channels; including the toll free number (980), for any practices; involving financial or administrative corruption that would undermine the efforts of the government; in order to support and promote the path of comprehensive development.