Nazaha arrests several officers, officials for corruption

Employees of 10 ministries among 298 arrested for corruption

An official source in the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) stated that it initiated a number of criminal cases recently; and legal procedures against the accused are under way.

Most prominent of which were as follow:

The first case

The arrest of two employees in a municipality of one of the regions and a bank employee; as the employees of the municipality obtained an amount of (SR5,174,000) five million one hundred seventy four thousand riyals. In addition to using bank accounts of a company which belongs to the bank employee in transferring those sums; in exchange for awarding a project of (SR60,000,000) Sixty million riyals to a certain company.

The second case

The arrest of (3) employees at a university (Director of Operation and Maintenance Department; Director of Mechanical Systems Department; and a Warehouse Keeper); a manager of a bank branch, and a businessman. The aforementioned university employees obtained an amount of SR4,404,995; in return for several contract awarding with a total value of SR13,844,579 for the benefit of two enterprises; owned by the businessman and the Director of Mechanical Systems Department (registered in the name of his wife). The bank manager also enabled the Director of Operation and Maintenance Department to deposit an amount of SR1,000,000 in cash; without verifying the sources of the funds. Then, he used those sums to purchase real estate in the names of their relatives in order to hide the source.

The third case

The arrest of a former employee at a university (Director of the Safety Department and Head of the Technical Committee for Projects Follow-up); a businessman as well as a resident engineer; where the first person obtained an amount of SR240,000 from the second person in exchange for overlooking a number of violations; with the complicity of the third person in three projects that worth an amount of SR7,696,185 and executed by an enterprise owned by the second.

The fourth case

Arresting a former employee in the Contracts and Procurement Department at one of the international airports as well as a businessman. As the former enabled his relative (the second person) to obtain (218) direct purchase orders in an unlawful manner.

The fifth case

Arresting former employee of the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones and a businessman, as the first person got an amount of SR225,750 from the second person; in exchange for a testimonial statement from the first person’s workplace which stated there are no efficient companies other than the company (owned by the second) in its field, and that in effect enabled the company to obtain projects in that Authority.

The sixth case

Arresting an employee of the General Authority of Customs and an employee; who works as a customs broker, as the first obtained an amount of SR574,300; in exchange for clearing containers that contain tobacco, using some of his relatives bank accounts as well.

The seventh case

In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, (4) non-commissioned officers working at the General Directorate of Traffic in one of the regions were arrested for pulling over a resident. Besides, enabling their colleague (a retired non-commissioned officer) to search his vehicle and steal an amount of SAR200,000 from the vehicle.

The eighth case

In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, a retired non-commissioned officer from a police department of one of the regions arrested for taking an amount of SR219,750. Besides, gold ingots while he was working as a warehouse keeper and traded it in selling and buying cars. In addition to depositing the amount and profits in a bank account that belongs to a car dealership; owned by one of his relatives, then transferring those sums to his bank account in order to hide its source.

The ninth case

Arresting a citizen for offering an amount of SR200,000 to the arrest squad of the General Directorate of Narcotics Control. This was during his arrest for possession of narcotics.

The tenth case

Arresting an officer with the rank of colonel; and a non-commissioned officer from the General Directorate of Passports, in one of the regions; as the second registered a fake entry of a relative of the first into the Kingdom, upon his request.

The Authority also affirms that it will continue to pursue anyone; who exploits the public office to achieve personal gain or harm public interest in any way possible; and that the accountability extends far beyond the retirement of any individual; as the crimes of financial and administrative corruption have no statute of limitations; and that it will also apply what the rule of law against violators with zero tolerance.