Mohammed bin Salman: Saudi-Russian energy cooperation to achieve stability

Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets with President Putin in Riyadh

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said Monday in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the cooperation of Saudi Arabia and Russia in the field of energy will achieve stability.

“We appreciate Russia’s support for Yemen’s territorial integrity and the need to reach a political solution,” Mohammed bin Salman said in a speech attended by the Russian president.

“Saudi Arabia agrees with Russia that all countries should abide by the UN Charter,” Mohammed bin Salman added.

For his part, the Russian president said “we have completed a mechanism for the exchange of investments between Russia and Saudi Arabia”.

“Russia and Saudi Arabia are cooperating to solve problems in the region and the world,” Putin added.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman speaks to President Putin during the talks.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin during which they reviewed aspects of Saudi-Russian relations, areas of bilateral cooperation, and discussed more promising opportunities between the two sides in various fields, including energy cooperation and investments in infrastructure, as well as cooperation in stabilizing energy markets, so as to balance the interests of consumers and producers.

During the meeting, they reviewed a number of developments and developments, especially the situation in the Syrian and Yemeni arena, and the importance of combating extremism and terrorism and working to dry up its sources, in the presence of a number of officials from both countries.

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Salman announced on Monday the signing of 20 agreements with Russia to develop many fields with Russia.

During the signing ceremony of agreements between Saudi Arabia and Russia in the presence of King Salman and President Putin, the minister stressed that oil will remain in the foreseeable future an essential element in the development of the world economy.

King Salman received the Russian President at Al-Yamamah Palace in Riyadh.

King Salman described the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin as a great opportunity to consolidate the friendship between the two countries.

“Agreements between Russia and Saudi Arabia, especially in the field of energy, will have positive effects,” King Salman added.

For his part, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said that Saudi Arabia plays a pivotal role in the G20, stressing that Russian and Saudi coordination is important to ensure stability in the Middle East.

In an interview with Al Arabiya television, the Russian president praised the long-standing historical relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia and his quest to develop them.