MOH call center 937 has sign language service for the deaf

The Ministry of Health has launched the first stage of translating the 937 Call Center’s services into sign language through ‘Ishara’ application. It is a service provided directly for the deaf and hearing-impaired, so as to enable them to benefit from the center’s services.

The first stage includes general inquiries, booking appointments at health centers and medical consultation services which are available 24/7.

The idea of the application is centered on a sign-language service provider, acting as a third party (intermediary) through the digital platform. He will be translating the sign language into spoken Arabic, and vice versa, for users with hearing disabilities. A video call would connect the service provider to the beneficiary and the agent receiving the call at the 937 center.

Launching this service reflects the ministry’s keenness to serve all segments of the society, and granting them access to all services with ease and independence.‘Ishara’ service is provided by Elm Company for beneficiaries with hearing disabilities.

It is the fruit of the company’s partnership with the public, private, and non-profit sectors that seek to integrate efforts to provide the best services possible for all individuals with hearing disabilities across the Kingdom.

The 937 call center is specialized in the business sector and personnel services. It upholds the best practices in the field of excellence and communication services. The center provides the following services: appointment reservation for outpatients at PHCs, smoking quitting clinic appointments, and technical support for the ministry’s e-applications.

It also provides such services as medical referrals and treatment requests, complaints and reporting, taking suggestions and creative ideas, general inquiries, transaction follow-up, and medical consultations with qualified doctors.

The 937 Call Center operates 24/7, with all its channels available: by phone (937), Twitter, e-mail, or instant messaging on the ministry website. Beneficiaries can also contact the center on WhatsApp number 920005937. ‘Ishara’ application is available for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store.