Ministry campaign checks COVID-19 measures in Riyadh mosques

The Riyadh branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance on Friday organized an awareness and monitoring campaign; in order to ensure mosques were implementing COVID-19 precautionary and preventive measures, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The campaign was carried out in cooperation; with the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Riyadh and a number of volunteer associations.

Healthcare volunteers and mosque supervisors took part in the campaign. Participants told worshippers to comply with social distancing measures; use their own prayer mats, and wear a face mask at all times.

They also organized the entry and exit of worshippers, in addition to distributing masks and prayer mats among them.

The director general of the ministry’s branch in Riyadh; Ahmed Al-Fares, said the campaign aimed; in order to help raise awareness about COVID-19 prevention methods.

He added that the campaign was in line with the efforts of various state agencies to fight the pandemic and also promote a culture of volunteering among government bodies.