Minister of Energy discusses the Saudi nuclear program with French Senate delegation

Minister of Energy discusses the Saudi nuclear program with French Senate delegation

Energy Minister Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz met on Monday a French Senate delegation headed by Senator Jean-Marie Bockel, chairman of the French-Gulf Friendship Committee, who praised Saudi Arabia’s efficiency in the face of terrorist attacks.

The meeting dealt with ways of enhancing the distinguished historical relationship between Saudi Arabia and France, and investment opportunities in the fields of energy, industry, climate and technology.

The two sides discussed opportunities for future projects between the two countries in the field of energy, the peaceful civilian nuclear program that Saudi Arabia intends to implement, and the relations linking Saudi Arabia with several French entities, including those in the French private sector such as Total.

The two sides also discussed the necessary measures to address the growing pressures on the environment in general, including Saudi Arabia’s efforts to reduce associated carbon dioxide emissions and recycle it, and Saudi Arabia introduced the concept of low-carbon circular economy; a framework through which the treatment of carbon emissions from all sectors, and all types of Greenhouse gases.

Such initiatives reflect the Saudi efforts to fulfill its national commitments under Paris Agreement, and the importance of achieve balance and inclusive solutions, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the adverse effects of climate change.

In this context, the French side was briefed on the Saudi efforts to support and encourage innovation and invention in the field of energy in order to achieve high efficiency systems, without prejudice or discrimination against any of its sources.

On the threat to security of energy supplies, especially what happened as a result of blatant attacks on some Saudi Aramco facilities recently, the French side expressed its admiration for the ability of Saudi Arabia to face such challenges, which manifested in being able to restore production and balance in a short time. Thus, it prevented global economies, both developed and developing, from being affected as all energy markets are influenced by what happens in Saudi Arabia; however, Saudi Arabia’s neutralization of the impact of these attacks on the reliability of supply and, as a result, its success in maintaining the balance of supply and demand in the global market, leading to achieve stability of the markets and reassure them about Saudi Arabia’s commitment to ensure the safety and sustainability of supplies.