MEWA Signs MoU to Boost Livestock Production in Saudi Arabia

MEWA (The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture) signed MoU with the Agricultural Development Fund to boost livestock production efficiency in the country.

The MoU aims to support livestock keepers in the shift from traditional to modern breeding methods, increase local production of red meat. In addition to improving income of the breeders through vocational education based on the national plan to improve livestock productivity.

Deputy Minister for Animal Wealth Hamad al-Batshan, and Director General of the Fund Munir bin Fahd al-Sahli signed the deal; at the presence of the Minister of Environment, Water and Abdulrahman al-Fadhli.

The MoU includes determining applicants who are qualified to apply for funding and granting them the necessary licenses. It also prepares and establishes comprehensive database and programs; through which all operations, statistical and production data, and tracking are implemented.

Batshan explained that the MoU is part of the ministry’s goals to develop and sustain the livestock sector and support responsible investment.

He indicated that the ministry aims to transform the livestock sector from traditional to modern breeding systems. Besides, raising productivity in order to preserve natural resources and optimize their utilization.

It will also enhance the income of livestock keepers which will boost food security, as part of the national plan.

Sahli also indicated that the memorandum will contribute to financing the supporting program of the Sustainable Agricultural Rural Development Program 2018-2025; including all citizens qualified to work in the field of sheep farming all over the kingdom.

He stressed that the Fund would continue to finance the agricultural sector in its various fields. Besides, enhancing its role in contributing to food security.