MBS calls on all dreamers to join KSA to shape the future

 Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has called on all dreamers around the world to join Saudi Arabia; to shape the future of knowledge economies.

On behalf of the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, the head of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) Abdullah Bin Sharaf Alghamdi delivered a speech; at the opening session of the Global AI Summit held here on Wednesday.

In detail Saudi Arabia launched a National Strategy for Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI); and will announce several AI partnerships, the head of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) said.

Alghamdi aslo said Saudi Arabia wants to establish itself as a global center for data and AI. “The strategy sets the foundation and direction upon which we will unlock the potential of data; and AI to fulfill our national transformation priorities and establish Saudi Arabia as a global hub for data and AI.”

Alghamdi explained in addition; that the newly announced strategy aims to make Saudi Arabia the place where the best of data and artificial intelligence is made a reality.

“Saudi Arabia wants to set the best example globally in using AI for the development of a nation; and announces the launch of the National Strategy for Data and AI,” Alghamdi said.

“Saudi Arabia aims to become one of the top 15 nations by 2030 on artificial intelligence; to train 20,000 data and AI specialist and experts, to have 300 active data and AI startups and to attract $20bn of investments,” Alghamdi added.

“Global AI Summit is an annual platform bringing the East and the West and policymakers; academics, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors,” Alghamdi said.

“Saudi Arabia sees an opportunity for a positive perspective that elevates collaboration over competition; emphasizing on the potential benefits with the responsible application of AI”.

Under the patronage of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman; the Global AI Summit began its works Wednesday under the slogan: “AI for the Good of Humanity.”

More than 200 experts and decision-makers are participating in the global summit organized by the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA).

As can be seen; the summit includes dialogues of global importance in terms of recovering; from the pandemic or trends that shape the field of artificial intelligence.

The Global AI Summit comes in effect in the context of the Kingdom’s endeavors to achieve its global leadership aspirations through the databased economy and artificial intelligence.