Lenderking Meets with Omani FM…Bin Mubarak Calls For More Pressure on Iran

Lenderking Meets with Omani FM...Bin Mubarak Calls For More Pressure on Iran

A number of international officials discussed the recent developments in Yemeni, calling for exerting more efforts to solve the conflict.

US envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking discussed with Oman Foreign Minister Badr al-Busaidi the recent developments in war-torn Yemen; stressing the need to end the conflict.

Busaidi and Lenderking discussed the urgent need to resolve the Yemeni conflict. Besides, addressing the impending environmental crisis of the Safer oil tanker; according to a tweet by the US State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs account on Twitter.

On Thursday, UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths also met Houthi’s spokesman Mohammad Abdul Salam, in Muscat; weeks after the Houthis refused to meet with the envoy, according to an earlier statement.

Griffiths’ media office issued a statement announcing that the official also met with senior Omani officials, without naming them.

Opening Sanaa airport and lifting restrictions on Hodeidah ports

He discussed the UN plan to open Sanaa airport and lift restrictions on Hodeidah ports. This is to enhance the freedom of movement of people and commodities to and from Yemen; achieve a nationwide ceasefire; and commit the parties to the relaunch of a political process to end the conflict.

“My recent meetings, as well as the continued international and regional support; show that the parties could still seize this opportunity and make a breakthrough towards resolving the conflict,” Griffiths said.

Griffiths concluded Wednesday a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia where he met with senior Saudi and Yemeni officials. They discussed the United Nations’ plan to achieve a nationwide ceasefire in Yemen.

He met with the Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense, Prince Khalid bin Salman, Lenderking, and a number of Yemeni officials.

Griffiths held talks on “the critical situation in Marib and stressed that the battle for Marib must stop to allow diplomatic peace efforts to achieve positive results,” the UN said in a statement.

He also expressed hope that the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement would continue to progress and warned against the threat of further fragmentation in Yemen.

US to exercise more pressure on the Iranian regime

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Bin Mubarak called on the US to exercise more pressure on the Iranian regime to stop its military support, especially the smuggling of arms to the militia, which are used to attack civilians in Yemen and in its neighboring countries.

Bin Mubarak also said in a video conference with the US Envoy to Iran Robert Malley that with military assistance; Iran is destroying Yemen and exacerbating its humanitarian crisis.

He also warned that Tehran is turning Yemen’s territories into a place for extorting neighboring counties and threatening global security and peace.

All peace initiatives and mediation efforts, including that of the US; ruined by the intransigence of the militia; which does not regard in the least bit the interests of the Yemeni people, according to the FM.

He also said that the continued Iranian support “undermines the efforts to bring an end to the war.”

The US special envoy also briefed the Yemeni FM on the US position in dealing with the Iranian nuclear weapons and the efforts of Vienna negotiations, pointing to the importance of continuing efforts to end the war and bring peace to Yemen, according to Saba.

Malley also affirmed his country’s support for establishing security, unity, and stability in Yemen.