Kuwait commends Historic Agreement in Shared Neutral Zone with Saudi Arabia

Oil ministers of OAPEC meeting in Kuwait City.

The Kuwaiti cabinet has affirmed as “historic” the deal struck with Saudi Arabia.

The deal to allow production to resume at two oilfields in their shared neutral zone.

Last Tuesday, the two countries signed an agreement to resume pumping at two major oilfields in a shared neutral zone. This comes after five years of halting production.

After the Kuwaiti cabinet meeting, Interior Minister Anas Al-Saleh announced that these agreements embody the special fraternal ties between the two countries. It also reflects their leadership and peoples’ deep belief in their shared destiny.

Saleh added that the cabinet expressed admiration of the great level of cooperation among negotiating teams from both sides.

He also hailed their special efforts that helped materialize the vision of the two countries’ leaderships.

Assistant Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs and the deals’ negotiating committee Deputy Director Ambassador Ghanim Al-Ghanim said that the neutral zone was left undivided when the two countries marked their border at the Uqair Convention in 1922.

This remained the case until the 1965 deal that split the area into demarcated northern Kuwaiti and southern Saudi portions but the natural resources remained shared between both, he added.

He added that the instructions were clear; there is no loss or gain and if an agreement was reached then both parties are winners.