KSrelief performs 16 surgeries for children in Mukalla

KSrelief performs 16 surgeries for children in Mukalla

KSrelief (King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center) continued its voluntary medical campaign of open heart surgery for children in Mukalla; as part of the “Saudi Pulse” voluntary program for heart diseases and surgeries in Hadramout governorate.

Until the end of the third day of the campaign, the medical team conducted 16 surgeries; including 9 open-heart surgeries and 7 catheterization operations, all of which were without any complications.

The campaign also conducted a number of surgeries and catheters in the open heart field for children from needy families; under the supervision of a Saudi medical team.

This comes within the framework Kingdom of Saudi Arabia relief projects, represented by the KSrelief to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people during the current humanitarian crisis.

Modern medical equipment delivered to Al-Ghaylah Hospital

In Al-Bayda, KSrelief also delivered modern medical equipment to Al-Ghaylah Hospital in Al-Bayda Governorate, Yemen.

The director general of the governorate’s Ministry of Health office, Dr. Fayer Al-Wahaishi explained that the equipment provided to the hospital includes a general blood test device; a modern digital microscope; a centrifuge; an automatic chemistry apparatus; a laboratory refrigerator; a generator; and wheelchairs; as well as glass tubes, etc.

Al-Wahaishi also valued the qualitative support provided to Yemeni health sector from the KSrelief; noting that modern medical devices are a quantum leap for the services provided by the hospital.

Al-Jada Health Center provides treatment services in Hajjah

In Hajjah, Al-Jada Health Center continued providing treatment services to beneficiaries, in Hajjah governorate, Yemen, with the support of KSrelief.

During the period from Jan. 1-6, 2021, the clinics and departments of Al-Jada Health Center received 2,776 beneficiaries. The laboratory department also received 580 people and the health center provided 1,549 individuals with medications.

Mobile medical clinics provide services to beneficiaries

In Hajjah, the mobile medical clinics of KSrelief continued providing treatment services in Hajjah governorate, Yemen. During the period Jan. 1-6, 2021, the clinics received 495 beneficiaries with various health conditions, provided them with the necessary health care.

Over 42 tons of food baskets delivered in Khartoum

In Khartoum, KSrelief also distributed 42 tons and 800 KGs of food baskets in Khartoum, Sudan, benefiting 2,400 individuals. This distribution also comes within the framework of a project to secure and distribute food baskets in Sudan.