KSA exerting continuous efforts to combat human trafficking

 Saudi Arabia has been exerting continuous efforts to combat human trafficking crimes; head of the human rights department at the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom to the United Nations; Mishaal Bin Ali Al-Bluwi; has said.

Addressing the Human Rights Council meeting here on Friday; the official said the Saudi efforts in this respect are based on the Kingdom’s adherence to the Shariah (Islamic) laws that prohibit all forms of disrespect to human dignity and uphold and ensure human rights; Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said Friday.

On the other hand; The Kingdom also called for the human rights of trafficked persons to be at the heart of efforts to prevent; and combat trafficking; to protect and assist victims. Besides, to provide them with redress without discrimination.

The Kingdom, Al-Bluwi additionally said; pays great attention to combating human trafficking through an integrated system. For example; in the form of issuing a system to combat the menace, joining conventions and protocols dealing with these crimes; forming a committee. That is in order to to eradicate the crime and creating a department against human trafficking at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development as well.

Furthermore, He stressed that this system contributed to building a fence to ensure that all people are protected from these crimes without discrimination; and to provide assistance and compensation to the victims.

Al-Bluwi said that the Kingdom’s National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking is implementing several programs and training activities for law enforcement officials; and for detecting and monitoring cases of human trafficking; and dealing sternly with the violators.