Khalid Al Faisal attends 50th anniversary of OIC ceremony

Khalid Al Faisal attends 50th anniversary of OIC ceremony
  • Prince Khalid Al Faisal Advisor to King Salman attend 50th anniversary of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) ceremony on behalf of Saudi King Salman.

Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, also attended delivered a speech in which he welcomed the guests and conveyed greetings of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to them and their wishes for the success of this meeting.

“We are meeting today with pride to observe the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the OIC recalling the pioneer of Islamic solidarity late King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and other leaders of Islamic countries,” Prince Faisal also said.

Palestinian Cause of top Priority

Prince Faisal pointed out that OIC has defended the Islamic issues during the past decades, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause, the greatest concern for the Arab and Islamic nation, adding that it is the focus of our attention until the Palestinian people obtain their inalienable legitimate rights to establish an independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, stressing Saudi Arabia’s total rejection to any actions that would prejudice the historical and legal status of Jerusalem.

Prince Faisal also confirmed that the organization stood in full efforts with the issues of Muslim minorities in non-Islamic countries, the latest of which was to stand by the Rohingya Muslims.

The minister highlighted the OIC’s efforts to promote regional and international peace and security.

Observatory of Islamophobia

Prince Faisal explained that the OIC, through its establishment of the Observatory of Islamophobia, seeks to monitor cases of violence and hatred with a view to documenting them, in particular to the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC Member States, and raising global awareness of the clear threat posed by Islamophobia and other discriminatory policies and practices against Muslims.

On the economic and development side, Prince Faisal said that the organization has achieved economic and development successes in cooperation with its specialized institutions such as the Islamic Development Bank as the volume of intra-OIC trade reached about $644bn in 2017, compared to $556bn in 2016, which represents a 15% increase in intra-OIC trade.

Islamic Solidarity Fund

The minister praised the work of the Islamic Solidarity Fund, which greatly contributed to establishing projects in a number of Islamic countries, where the number of projects implemented and financed by the Fund during the year 2018-2019, reached 49 projects worth more than $4mn.

Moreover, Prince Faisal highlighted efforts by the organization to alleviate poverty and empower women.

The minister also said that Saudi Arabia will strive to unify attitudes, motivate and work with Member States and the Secretariat of the Organization to accelerate the achievement of comprehensive reform of the OIC.