Job platform to be unified, linked to public, private sectors, says ministry

Nasser Al-Hazani, spokesperson for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development said that the new unified employment platform aims to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and fairness of employee evaluation processes.“The platform unifies, improves and enhances the efficiency of the measures of receiving and processing employment requirements for the public and private sectors, and individuals,” Al-Hazani told Al-Arabiya TV.Moreover, the ministry will ensure the integration, unification and linkage of different platforms with the government systems and private sector. The existing employment data in the public and private sectors will be transferred to the platform.The new platform will include the personal data of job seekers, such as certificates, previous experience, and track record.All job announcement will be registered via the platform, Al-Hazani added, noting that there will be units for jobseeker accounts and access, in addition to the automated review of curricula vitae data.Last week, the Cabinet approved the establishing of a unified national platform named The Unified National Employment Platform, which includes a database of job seekers in the public and private sectors.