Innovative advertisement plan for Riyadh city approved

Innovative advertisement plan for Riyadh city approved

Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing Majed Al-Hoqail approved an innovative advertisement plan for the city of Riyadh. Developing digital zones for ads and using building facades as ad screens are among the highlights of the plan.

In a statement on his Twitter account, the minister said that the plan aims to raise the city’s aesthetics while keeping pace with the ambitious plans and goals of the Riyadh strategy; Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman announced the features of which in the fourth edition of the Future Investment Initiative.

The plan aims to improve the urban landscape; increase private sector participation; raise financial sustainability rates and the efficiency of the advertising portfolio and support digital transformation.

The most prominent component of the advertising plan is to have an ad ID that matches the urban identity of the city of Riyadh.

The plan also includes determining the appropriate number of billboards in the city; bringing down the accumulation of billboards in some intersections. Besides ensuring the number of billboards matches the capacity and demand in the city, with the inclusion of smart city elements and benefit from data.

The plan also envisages appropriate numbers of billboards that add aesthetics to the city. Besides, preventing the unorganized spread of billboards on roads and streets.

Under the plan, there is a proposal to offer 13 diverse investment opportunities in the field of outdoor advertising.