Hakaya Misk 2019 kicks off in Riyadh

Hakaya Misk 2019 kicks off in Riyadh

With the participation of leading producers and directors locally and internationally, the Initiatives Center at the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Foundation (Misk) launches the “Hakaya Misk 2019” Initiative in the Riyadh Season from November 5 to 11 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Hakaya Misk initiative, held in conjunction with the Riyadh season, aims to attract local young talents in the fields of artistic creativity, and provide a favorable environment for their development and refinement, leading them to more professional levels through cooperation with international competent authorities in various creative fields.

Hakaya Misk enables creative young people to open channels of communication with professionals to develop their talents, learn about the latest developments in their fields, enable them to inspire ideas from small details and surrounding circumstances, teach them the mechanisms of turning inspiring ideas into practical steps that can be realistically achieved, and encourage young people to implement their ideas by introducing them to innovative ways of doing so.

Hakaya Misk 2019, unlike previous editions, connectivity and integration, as the initiative moves to the world of documentation with a new concept in an integrated space for the world of audio and video content industry, and the realization of ideas into reality.

Hakaya Misk 2019 connects all previous stories to each other, turning all ideas, drawings and texts into vivid scenes.

Hakaya Misk project manager, Ziad Al-Shebel, explained that the highlight of the new edition is the interactive journey, where “Hakaya Misk” presents the journey of the art scenes industry with a new concept and innovative sections that transform the visitor from silent scenes to an interactive participant who can understand what is going on in Filmmaking.

Al-Shebel pointed out that Hakaya Misk 2019 brings its visitors to an advanced level of capabilities and mechanisms in making the scene with the participation of major international and local companies, adding that Hakaya Misk’s workshops vary to be more practical and focus on providing the visitor with diverse knowledge in the filmmaking industry offered by several specialized companies and academies, so that visitors can either participate in workshops or­ watch what is happening in a dedicated seating area.

The initiative comprises a number of divisions in preparation for production, pre-production, post production, small producer, Hakaya market, platform, media stories, food carts, tech stories, dialogues and film screenings.

The initiative comes in light of the keenness of Misk Charity Initiatives Center and the Riyadh season to focus on creativity and provide different platforms that discover, develop and empower young people of both sexes, nurture their abilities and keep them abreast of technological developments.