Green paintings, 2000 meters over sea, in Saudi Arabia

Green paintings, 2000 meters over sea, in Saudi Arabia

The southern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are famous for the agricultural terraces used by the population as an agricultural method in the flat lands, which benefit them in keeping rainwater. These agricultural terraces look like green painting from the top.

These terraces contribute effectively to soil conservation and protection from erosion and drifting, as well as to save water, reduce water run-off, and increase the rate of internal leakage.

These terraces also help to feed springs and streams and increase their flow and continuity, as well as support water reserves of surface and ground reservoirs. This method is considered an agricultural heritage between generations.

Farmers are building earth mounds between the plots, known locally as “Al-Zubair”.

Here come some images from the Al-Mujmal Center in Balqarn province, which is located in Asir region (southwestern Saudi Arabia), this province is about 2,000 meters above sea level and is famous for growing crops such as corn and grapes.