GCA to hold a seminar on economy sustainability in the public sector

The Saudi Center for Financial and Performance Auditing (SCFPA) in General Court of Audit will be organizing a virtual seminar: “Achieving Spending Efficiency and Economy Sustainability in the Public Sector” on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 using Zoom Platform and GCA YouTube page.

“The Seminar comes as part of the mandate and responsibilities of GCA of which is auditing the performance of government agencies to ensure the efficient, economic, and effective utilization of their resources to enable them to achieve their goals,” Dr. Salem Al Ghamdi, the Manager of SCFPA said.

“The Seminar will witness the participation of a number of specialists from inside and outside GCA. The Seminar will discuss, also, a group of main points related to improving the competencies of government agencies, the contribution of governance in government spending efficiency, and the role of performance audit in achieving spending efficiency and resources sustainability in addition to spreading the awareness of spending efficiency and economy sustainability,” he added.

Furthermore, Dr. Al Ghamdi indicated that the Seminar is targeting to aware the employees of auditees of the importance of the culture of spending efficiency and best utilization of economic resources in public sector.

It also comes in harmonization with the vision and approaches of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve a higher rank in the Global Index of the Efficiency of Government Spending. If you would like to attend the Seminar, follow this link: https://tinyurl.com/GCAForum2020